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What is different Proxy and Router?

The router serves as a liaison between two or more networks to carry data from one network to another. Routers differ from switches. Switches are connecting multiple devices to form a Local Area Network (LAN).

Routers are very widely used in technology-based network protocol TCP / IP, and the router type is referred to as an IP Router. In addition to IP Router, there is another AppleTalk router, and still there are several other types of routers. Internet is a prime example of a network that has a lot of IP routers. Routers can be used to connect many small networks into a larger network, called the internetwork, or to divide a large network into several subnetworks to improve performance and simplify management. Routers are also sometimes used to mengoneksikan two networks that use different media (such as wireless routers in general than he can connect a computer with a radio, it also supports connecting a computer with a UTP cable), or different network architectures, as well as from Ethernet to Token Ring.

The router can also be used to connect LANs to a telecommunications service as well as the telecommunications leased line or Digital Subscriber Line (DSL). Routers used to connect a LAN to a leased line connections such as T1, or T3, commonly referred to as an access server. Meanwhile, the routers used to connect the local network to a DSL connection is also called the DSL router. These types of routers generally have a firewall function to perform packet filtering based on source address and destination address of the package, although some routers do not have it. Router that features packet filtering is also called the packet-filtering routers. Routers are generally block traffic transmitted broadcast data so as to prevent a broadcast storm that can slow network performance.

Proxy server is a server that helps us to maintain our privacy in accessing the Internet. When we access the Internet using a proxy, web pages that we visit will not be able to see us. Web page will only see the proxy that we use it. Proxy servers operate as follows.

Client connects with a proxy server, and ask for certain services such as file, connection, access the web page or other. Proxy server then evaluates the service request is in accordance with its filter rules.

Proxy servers can be used for various purposes ie To hide a specific server from the public for safety's sake, To speed access to the resources required, to open blocked sites in places such as schools, offices, etc., to pass through security control / parental , To protect your identity when you are online.